Response to Al Qaqaa

At one time there were 380 tons of high explosives at this Iraqi base. Now (apparently) the explosives are not there.

Kerry and his campaign are shouting high and low that this is yet more evidence of mismanagement by Bush.

Pro-Bush people retort, “The explosives were already gone by the time the 3ID arrived last April,” implying, “We’re not at fault.” In this piece by Clifford May in NRO we even see the suggestion that the UN inspection regime bears major responsibility for never doing anything about the explosives.

As far as I am concerned, blame is irrelevant. If we are in the midst of a war, then what matters is:
(1) Where are the explosives now?
(2) Is there anything we can do to retrieve or destroy them?

Why must our political culture focus on assigning blame? They sound like a bunch of children. We become aware of an apparent disaster and all we can do is talk about whose fault it is.

It’s time to grow up.

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