Anglican fractures?

The Anglican church, like many in the west, is facing fracture. The Lambeth Commission report is due tomorrow and it seems unlikely that they can produce a report that will make the Orthodox (most of the Anglicans around the world) and the Revisionists (mostly in the West) happy.

What strikes me is one response by American Episcopalians:

But there are many Episcopal clergy and laity — the great majority of the American church, in fact — who believe the issue is not homosexuality, biblical orthodoxy or traditional Anglicanism. Forty-five signed a recent statement affirming themselves as the church’s mainstream, concerned that “the Anglican tradition of living in tension and diversity of thought” is at stake.

Anglicanism has historically seen itself as a middle way between Catholicism & Protestantism. It has embraced great diversity. But in seeing diversity as its core value, its defining purpose, these Anglicans seem to have left Christianity behind. Jesus – and the orthodox tradition – may or may not be important, but they are secondary to maintaining diversity of thought. Unfortunately other churches (including my own UMC) seem to have gone this same route.

We certainly have our work cut out for us.

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