More Triumphant Politicizing of the Faith

Sometimes I wish Jerry Falwell knew how to keep his mouth shut. Or at least show some discretion. Or at least learn some discernment. Or at least get a better grasp on biblical Christianity vis-a-vis the World. Or… Well, you get the idea.

Now he is saying that Evangelicals control the Republican party. To be fair, this is appears to be the editorial spin on his comments which are more exactly a claim that the Republicans will fail to elect a Presidential candidate whom Evangelicals do not support. This isn’t the same as “controlling” the party (it doesn’t look to me liek any one group is controlling the party; they just don’t have that level of unity), but it does come across as a desire to control the party – at least the selection of a president. I have trouble seeing how proclaiming a lust for political power will bring many people to Christ – though I can see how it might scare some people away.

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