40 Days of Purpose – Day 1

When we talk about finding our purpose in life, more is in view than just “my life.” God made each of us with a role to play in creation. Each of us are unique, and our purpose in life is related to our uniqueness, but if we only pay attention to our uniqueness, we will never find our purpose in life. We must look outward, first toward God, secondly toward the activity of God in creation.

What is God’s role in all this? God wants us to know our purpose. He doesn’t create us and then tell us to grope our way towards purpose. No, he loves us enough to reveal himself, his purposes and his ways to us in the bible.

We also find our purpose through relationships: our relationship with God, our relationships with other people, and our relationship with creation itself. When sin has its way in our lives, these relationships are broken or warped, so we fall short of the purpose God has for us.

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