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Capitalism and Epistemology

Inasmuch as markets exist to provide knowledge (what I/we should do with regard to the resources at our disposal or over which we have influence) modern capitalism is a reductionism parallel to centrality of epistemology in modern philosophy (the requirement … Continue reading

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Plundering the Egyptians

In On Christian Doctrine Augustine famously analogizes from the way the ancient Israelites “plundered” the Egyptians when they fled Egypt after the tenth plague. Israel had been tormented in slavery for at generations. God sent Moses as a deliverer, to … Continue reading

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Reality Based Religion

One of my new friends this semester is a member of the Nation of Islam. I’ve learned that they have some pretty odd beliefs. The first one I learned of was that Pluto (the ex-planet) is larger than earth. Though … Continue reading

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Sometimes Philosophers Make You Laugh

Can you tell what Rene Descartes is describing here? I bet you’ll laugh once you figure it out. (Courtesy of Iain McGilchrist) [This] results when the blood coming from the right-hand cavity of the heart through the central arterial vein … Continue reading

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