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Approaching Scripture

Since I’m a commuter (to both my jobs), I have plenty of time to listen as I drive. A few weeks ago I was listening again to one of Robert Jenson’s 2009 Burns Lectures at the University of Otago in … Continue reading

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Scot McKnight’s The Kingdom Conspiracy

In his latest book, The Kingdom Conspiracy, Scot McKnight cuts across the grain of both recent scholarship and contemporary ministry practice. Biblical and theological scholarship for some time now has insisted that kingdom and church are two different things, generally … Continue reading

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Bringing People to Jesus, but Unintentionally

John 8 has a story about the teachers of the law and Pharisees bringing to Jesus a woman “caught in the very act of adultery.” According to John (or, considering that this story was likely not part of John’s original … Continue reading

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Textual Stability?

As I review Nancey Murphy’sĀ Anglo-American Postmodernity: Philosophical Perspectives on Science, Religion, and Ethics, I came across this claim: “If the texts’ ability to perform a definite speech act depends on the existence of a community with shared conventions and proper … Continue reading

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Ezra & the Outsiders

The book of Ezra in the Old Testament shows conflicting attitudes toward outsiders. Most famously, Ezra ends with the push for the Israelite men to get rid of their foreign wives and their children. These wives are leading the men … Continue reading

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Paul & the Faithfulness of God

One of the Christmas presents my wife gave me was N.T. Wright’s latest big book (if you know his work you know what I mean by “big book.”), Paul and the Faithfulness of God. In Chapter 2 (which I just … Continue reading

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Divine Information

Yesterday I mused about some comments Al Mohler made during an ETS meeting about inerrancy. He said, Would God give inaccurate information in a revelation to us? No. But in revelation he would give us information that we can see, … Continue reading

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